Current Conditions

Weather is important to both your plans and your safety. Having a keen eye on the forecast and current weather are key to an enjoyable day on the water.
Here are the current weather observations at the marina to help you determine if you should head out, or stay on land.


Station Info

Where To Find Our Weather Data

The Bridgeview Harbour Marina Weather station broadcasts data to the following online weather services and applications.

Weather Services:
Wind and Sailing Applications:
Weather Station Hardware

Bridgeview Harbour Marina primarily utilizes Davis Instruments hardware for weather observations. 

Our primary weather station is a   Davis Vantage Pro2™ Plus with 24-Hour Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield which connects wirelessly to a Davis WeatherLink Live™ base station.  The station is pole mounted on a cement pier extending into Lake Champlain ~15 feet above the Lake Champlain flood stage, with the anemometer mounted atop the same pole ~45' from flood stage.

A Davis AirLink® Professional Air Quality Monitor is also utilized for air monitoring.


Bridgeview Harbour Marina provides a 24/7 HD webcam stream to

Live Bridgeview Harbour Marina WebCam
Bridgeview Harbour Marina Youtube Channel

We also provide daily time-lapse photos from our webcam to users on Webcam