Check out our new (to-us) Rough Terrain Crane

Check out our new (to-us) Rough Terrain Crane

We're super excited to welcome a new-to-us 22 Ton rough terrain crane to the marina family of equipment. The 2001 Grove RT 522B Rough Terrain Crane is a significant upgrade over our existing crane in terms of capacity, height, and most importantly safety.  It's just passed it's annual OSHA inspection and is ready for the 2023 summer boating season.

The trusty old crane will be staying with us to enjoy some well deserved R&R. The prior crane was a 1966 Grove RT58 and served both Van Slooten Harbour Marina and Bridgeview Harbour marina for more than 30 years.   Our old pal will act as a backup crane, assisting where needed and receive some required maintenance while its younger cousin takes over daily operations.

Our old 1966 Crane in the forground with a new, larger yellow crane in the background

The new crane is a 2001 Grove RT 522B, boasting a 44,000 lbs (19,958 kg) lifting capacity and a 78-foot boom.  This is an 8 ton increase over our prior crane and an 18' greater reach.  Additionally the 522B's Jib ( crane Jib, different than that on a sailboat) brings the maximum reach to just over 100 feet.

This new capacity and height will enable us to perform a broader range of operations, and with a greater margin of safety than ever before. Additionally we are excited to put its new capabilities to work for some of our commercial clients as work on the lake picks up this summer.

If you need something lifted, have questions, or just want to say hi, reach out to us!

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