The Crew

The Crew

The Crew

Nestled along the pristine waterfront of Lake Champlain in Port Henry, New York, the picturesque setting boasts a rich and industrious history. Used as an industrial Iron Ore smelting facility for an industrious mining operation, this site was transformed into a marina in 1989 by the Van Slooten Family.

In 2021 the Jaquish family acquired the marina from the Van Slootens, carrying on the tradition of family ownership.

This team along with the help of countless others has worked to transform the lakeside setting into into a haven for boating enthusiast, campers, and outdoor lovers.

As a family-owned business, the marina takes great pride in fostering an atmosphere where each guest feels like part of the extended family.

Fred Jaquish

Don Jaquish

Gabe Jaquish

June Jaquish

Louann Jaquish

Cass Warbach


Retired Dockmaster


Head of Barkology


Sr. Bellyrub Specialist

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Located on Lake Champlain in New York's Adirondack Mountains, Bridgeview Harbour is accessible by Car, Boat, Train or Sea Plane!